The hilly area of Sagaing, 25 kilometers far from Mandalay is considered as the hearth of the Buddhist faith in Mandalay where plenty of monasteries are located among the mountain chain facing at the Irrawaddy River. Sagaing is also one of the ancient capital city with a rich historical past not too miss when visiting Mandalay.

To enjoy a gentle walk in Sagaing will give you another approach of this site, authentic and typical where the majority of tourists usually do not go.
Sagaing is located at 45 minutes drive from Mandalay; you will cross the Irrawaddy river on the main bridge, a massive metallic structure bridge opened in 2008 and next to this bridge, you will see a second one built during the British time and still in use nowadays.

The drive will bring you to the highest part of the Sagaing Hills, named Padamya Hill where your walk will start at Padamya Zedi. From the monastery, you can enjoy beautiful sceneries over the Irrawaddy and the countryside. Then, your walk will bring you along clear but sometime steep paths from a monastery to another one in a peaceful environment and dense vegetation. You will have a first stop at Asshae Pakarama Monastery, an old wooden monastery surrounded by well maintain gardens, a peaceful location for a break where you will visit in the compound a cave carved out of the rock for the monks to meditate in a cool and peaceful place; from a terrace located at the second cave level, you can observe the trees and particularly, frangipanis, flamboyant and huge tamarind trees ; after this pleasant stop, your walk will bring you to U Min Thonzae and Swan Oo Pyone Shin temples where you can also enjoy scenic views along the Irrawaddy and Sagain Hills; after some steep parts during the first part of the walk, you will then walk down hill along a tiny mountain road looking at monastery complexes along the way until you reach an intersection with the road to Mingun where your car is waiting for you; The entire walk with the visit at few monasteries is around 5 kilometers and takes 3 hours; it is preferable to make the walk early in the morning or in the afternoon around 4pm to enjoy the sunset. This walk will bring you out of the beaten paths where usually tourists are very few and you will enjoy the serenity and the sightseeing on the way in a quiet environment.

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