Twante Pottery Village


Twante is a small provincial town famous for its pottery activities, 25 kilometers far from Yangon. An interesting way to reach Twante is to take the passengers ferry in Yangon and to reach Dalla from the other bank of the river. The ferry ride gives a chance to observe the boats and the port activities but also provide a panoramic view on the massive old colonial buildings along the river.

After reaching Dalla, a pre arranged car or a local taxi can bring you to Twante. The transfer takes around 45 minutes on a narrow road through paddies fields until to reach the small town of Twante. Twante is well known for its pottery activities handled by few families since several generations.

To visit one of the workshops gives an interesting view of the process of making the pots.

Since the Nargis cyclone, and facing the shortage of water in villages, many of the workshops have developed water filters made in clay mostly sent to the Arakan region and the Irrawaddy Delta, the two regions the most affected by the cyclone at this time.

Others sites of interests are the lively and busy market, but also the Shwe san Daw Pagoda with an architecture similar to the Shwedagon Pagoda. A look at the Twante river gives the opportunity to see different types of cargo boats carrying varieties of goods between the Irrrawaddy Delta and Yangon. Garden Relax Restaurant can be a good address for a lunch break before to come back to Yangon in the early afternoon. The all trip might take around 4 to 5 hours or the full day if combined with a short visit of Dalla on the way back to Twante before to catch up the ferry boat to return to Yangon.

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