June 2013 (Newsletter)



FXB Association was recently relocated to a more vast showroom close to Shwedagon junction. The association focuses on aid by providing HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, counseling, vocation training for poor and marginalized women and children who produce a large choice of handmade items.

Metal lamps, candle holders, wooden toys, furniture, fabric for interior design, purses, scarves are some of the handicrafts produced. By making an appointment in advance, it is also possible to visit the FXB workshops where are provided the training programs on wood, metal, weaving and sewing

FXB Products Outlet,
Hnin Si Myaing Residence,
21 Kabar Aye Pagoda Road, Bahan Township, Yangon
Open from 9am to 5pm (closed on Sundays)

FXB International Website: www.fxb.org


pamiloPomelo is another social project to provide a faire trade market place for small Myanmar producers opening opportunities for them to improve their social and economic situation.
The large variety of handcrafts is all using local materials. The local artisans produce quality, handmade products with a contemporary twist.

Pomelo handcrafts producers include HIV sufferers, street youths, mentally and physically disabled persons, and small family businesses fighting poverty.

The showroom is located above Monsoon Restaurant, 85-87 Thein Byu Road in Yangon, open every day from 10:00am till 9:00pm.


The State Fine Art School previously called Chin Tsong Palace was the lavish mansion of Lim Chin Tsong, a shipping and rubber merchant. The house was built in 1915 in a blend of European and Chinese architecture. During World War II, the Japanese army used the property as a radio station. After independence, it became a hotel and then the building became attached to the Ministry of Culture. Nowadays, the Fine Art School hosts around 60 students. The place is generally not opened to the public but with an appointment in advance, it is possible to make a visit which gives a great opportunity to discover the incredible architecture from inside the building but also the workshop where the students learn the techniques of painting as well as a permanent exhibition to displayed the paintings produces by the students.
At the first floor, there are some fresco painted by Ernest and Dod Procter, famous British couple of painters from the beginning of the XX century.



La Maison 20 is a newly established restaurant in Yangon, at midway between the city center and the airports. It is a good address for tasting an authentic Myanmar food in a cozy colonial style dining. La Maison 20 is decorated in an elegant mixed of classic and contemporary style and offers the possibility to enjoy dining in private rooms or in the gardens during the dry season.



New restaurant in Nyaung Shwe, the small town at the edge of Inle Lake; The restaurant is managed by Inle Princess Resort and located just in the heart the small city; Food is tasty and homemade and it is a perfect place for a break. The restaurant proposed a range of homemade bakery like croissants, but also fresh coffee, ice cream and homemade cheese and is large enough to welcome individuals or groups. The restaurant hosts regular photos exhibitions and will soon accommodate a SPA.

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