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Green Hill Valley is a recent established project in Kalaw area focused on protecting the local ecology, elephants and traditions of the local people.

Where is located the Myanmar elephant camp, the nature grows undisturbed in this private preserve, of 150 acres. Visiting the camp provides the opportunityto learn about Mahouts and their Elephants.

In addition, some trekking routes through the forest are offered. Local trekking guides lead excursions from Kalaw to the elephant camp. 4 different kind of treks are all connected with the camp. Along the way, walkers are introduced to local village traditions and to the natural beauty of the surrounding forest. The area is known for its rich fauna (birds, butterflies) and flora (orchids, teak and bamboo forest). Trekking programs range from easy to more strenuous grade.

The intention of the camp is to support and improve the health and education of local villages, but also to maintain the natural environment by re-planting and conserving of the forest.

The camp is located 14.5miles (25kilometers) down from Kalaw and it takes around 50-60 minutes to reach by car.


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