Golden Rock

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The Golden Rock of Kyaikhtiyo is one of the most revered pilgrimage sites for Myanmar Buddhists. The gold –plated boulder is said to maintain its balance thanks to a single hair of the Buddha being enshrined inside the pagoda. To reach the top of the mountain , one can either make a 13km climb (which will take around 7 hours or more) or sit on the loading area of open trucks that take passengers to a so-called middle camp through a steep and winding road. From there all visitors have to walk up the remaining 4 km (500 meters in altitude) on steep tracks. An easy alternative for those who can’t manage the way on foot is to sit on sedan chairs, which are carried by four porters to the top. Once arrived at the pagoda, one can enjoy a spectacular view, which is particularly beautiful a sunrise or sunset. The whole site has a magic charisma and famous for meditation.