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What’s an unique experience flying in a hot air balloon over the majestic temples of Bagan!

The flight lasts around 45 minutes, and you will fly above the 5 000 pagodas of the plain of Bagan while enjoying the extraordinary serenity of Bagan during the sunrise.

The amazing experience is totally safe. Pilots and technicians are British and the balloons are built in UK by the British Aerospace Company.

The all experience takes around 3 hours. An old Chevrolet bus comes to pick you up early in the morning around 5am to 5.30am at your hotel. You will watch at the ballooning set-up and receive some instructions from the pilot. An interesting fact is that you do not know in advance where the balloon will land, depending where the wind will take you!You will see the stupas and the villagers’ life in the early morning at close distance before the balloon gains altitude with awhole picture to the plain of Bagan and an overview on the temples, the Irrawaddy River and villages!

A light champagne breakfast will wait for you at the arrival to celebrate your flight in hot air balloon.

An absolutely breathtaking experience not to miss in Bagan!

Balloon Over Bagan operates from 1st of October till 31st of March for sunrise and sunset flights and four balloons. Capacities are from 8 to 12 passengers for each flight balloon.
It is however not rare that Sunset flights can be cancelled due to strong winds in the afternoon.

Balloon over Bagan has recently launched a premium service with the following added values:

  • Small more intimate balloon with a maximum 8 passengers only.
  • Separate launch and breakfast area.
  • Free Cd rom of the flight.
  • Pre-launch interactive tour of the balloon during inflation done the pilot.
  • The Premium service operates from November to February only.


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