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Ayravata Cruises was founded in the 2003 by three Myanmar entrepreneurs with the support and management of a European expert in cruises on Asian rivers. The vast experience of the founders in the Myanmar Hospitality and Tourism Industry together with the expertise of the foreign executive director, Ayravata Cruises is not just a successful cruise operator but a shipbuilder as well.

The cruise operator company, a shipbuilder as well, has a total of 60 staff, 50 employed as crew on board the three ships and 10 in the offices of Yangon and Mandalay.

Presently it operates three ships: RV Paukan 2007 (a newly built Charming Cruising Boutique Hotel), Paukan1947 (an original Scottish made Colonial Steamer formerly known as Rv Pandaw); more recently in last October 2012, a third ship, RV Paukan2012, was recently added to Ayravatha vessels fleet.

The boutique cruises on the Irrawaddy and Chindwin Rivers will unveil you the Myanmar cultural heritage, the ex-Royal capitals, the lifestyle and traditions of the people living along their banks.


Rv Paukan comes after “Paukan Rarma”, the city founded in the 846 AD by King Pyinbyaat to replace the former capital called Thanpawaddy. Paukan Rarma then became Bagan, the capital of the First Burmese Empire founded by King Anawrahta in the 11th Century. Paukan is the ancient name of Bagan, the old city of two thousand temples on the bank of the Irrawaddy River.

RV Paukan was built in 2007 at the Myanmar Shipyards in Yangon for Ayravata Cruises.


The lovely Paukan is a boutique hotel on the river, beautifully furnished with a unique combination of modern and traditional motifs. The timber-walled cabins are furnished with colonial style cupboards, dresser and doors while the ceiling is traditional Myanmar. The single or double beds are proper and comfortable ones, enough room for 55 passengers who will be looked after by a 30-member crew.

For luxury-living, Paukan has suites, deluxe or superior cabins as well as singles for guests or guides. There are two massage rooms on the lower deck offering traditional Myanmar massage designed to give soothing relaxation.

The sun deck has a stage for cultural performances, and a bar and lounge for relaxation. The upper deck has a lecture & movie room with LCD projector and LCD TV screen.

Meals in the dining room on the main deck include both Asian and Continental cuisine.


The Pandaw (as it was originally named) is an original colonial era twin screw steamer, built in1947. The famous shipbuilding company of Yarrow & Co. of Clyde on the River in Glasgow built the Pandaw for the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company. Reaching Myanmar in 1950, under the ownership of the Inland Water Transport Board (IWTB) she ran on the Irrawaddy River from Mandalay to Bhamo, one of the most popular routes of the great river.

She began a luxury life as a passenger cruiser in 1998, under the management of aIrrawaddy Flotilla Company and was taken over in 2003 by Ayravata Cruises after extensive renovations and refurbishment. The vessel was renamed RvPaukan 1947 in 2011.


There are altogether 16 teak-walled deluxe cabins with proper beds and hot and cold showers. There is one main deck with cabins, an upper deck with cabins and a dining room at the stern and a salon at the prow.


RV Paukan 2012 is the latest boutique style river ship added to Ayravatha river boats fleet. It consists in 18 elegant private cabins all attached with a balcony, expect the 2 single cabins, to enjoy the scenery at theIrrawaddy River.

The vessel has recently started to operate in last October 2012 and benefits of the latest standards in term of safety measures, with modern facilities.
Cabins have their private bathroom with individual air conditioning, decorated in modern and elegant design and proper mattresses for a better comfort.

Part of the 18 comfortable cabins, RvPaukan 2012 offers a dining room, a lounge & bar outlet and a solarium at the roof deck for relaxation on board, the best place to observe the breathtaking sunrises on the Irrawaddy River.