There is no better place than the beach to end your holidays in Myanmar and especially at famous Ngapali Beach. The beach lined up with coconut trees offers a perfect retreat to relax for few days after visiting the more cultural place form the North of Myanmar. Ngapali has beautiful turquoise waters by white sand beach and a large range of charming resorts; Despite Ngapali has become more popular from the last few years, the place still remain very authentic with fishermen villages and ox carts still used by the local farmers to pass by along the beach.

To relax and enjoy the beautiful environment of the beach would be the main reason to come to Ngapali. But less known are also some excursions to do by boat to discover the close surroundings around Ngapali. To access by boat to some unspoiled little beaches would be one of the possible excursions.

A more authentic trip would be to discover the Thandwe River accessible from the sea and to observe the landscapes and the farmer activities at some miles only from the beach. The whole excursions take almost five hours. The boat can comes to pick-up up directly from the beach at your hotel depending where it is located. You can enjoy the first part of the trip sailing along the coast looking at the fishermen villages, and passing by some islands among one the famous and biggest one called Pearl Island. You will sail for almost 45 minutes to one hour until you reach the entrance of Thandwe River and access by a large channel;

After few miles, the channel becomes suddenly narrower making many curves and you can better observe the flora with specially the mangroves and to look at some species of birds. After sailing for 45 minutes to one hour, you have a stop to continue by foot for a gentle walking along the countryside until to reach the village of Zalun. Despite the area is very close to the sea border, the activities here are totally dedicated to agriculture. You will pass by paddy fields, cashew nuts fields, banana plantations until you reach the village by narrow but accessible paths where you can observe the traditional village houses along the main village path lined up by big trees as well as the monastery. You will then come back by the same paths contemplating at the scenery until your reach the boat to sail upstream till the sea where you can enjoy one more time the wild environment along the river; After sailing along the coast till Ngapali beach, a couple place to relax is the Pleasant View Restaurant located on the rock at the beach side and only accessible during the low tide, a perfect place to end up the excursion and enjoy the breeze from the sea.

It is more recommended to make the trip in the morning starting around 7H30 to 8H00. There is usually less wind in the morning and the sea more calm, this excursion is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the hilly sceneries along the coast and to discover both of the fishing activities and traditional life at the sea border but also inland life more dedicated to farmer activities.

April 2014 (Newsletter)


There are few resorts which have opened in Ngapali Beach the last couple of years; among them, some offer a very pleasant retreat to enjoy a beach as per below listed.


The new hotel opened in 2012 is located at the end of the beach close to the fishermen villages; The hotel can be classified as a 2 stars resort and offer 24 nice spacious rooms either with separate or attached side by side bungalows with Beach front or garden view; the hotels offers good facilities as swimming pool, Wi-Fi access, air conditioning in the rooms, a large front beach deck; The Diamond Ngapali Hotel is a very pleasant place to enjoy holidays in Ngapali with reasonable room rates.



The Ngapali Bay offers a beautiful retreat in a very private environment with manicure gardens and exclusive well decorated and spacious villas. The Resort offer 32 Villas and deluxe rooms, with the villas facing the sea among a wild and tropical gardens; All facilities are provided like Wi-Fi access, swimming pool, spa, a refined cuisine served by an Australian Chef; the hotel accepts payment by Visa and Master credit cards;
The Ngapali Bay Villas & Spa offers a peaceful retreat in stylish environment.


The Thingaha Resort is one of the very last Resort opened in last October 2013; The Resort offers high class accommodation in a refined and tasteful contemporary decoration; The hotels has 51 rooms and among them, the most beautiful ones are the Ocean View Suites with large terrace and private swimming pool; The hotel has a very impressive swimming pool at the edge of the beach and propose all modern facilities like Wi-Fi, air conditioning, 24 hour room service, payment by credit cards as Visa, Amex, Master, Dinners Club and JCB.


The Jade Marina Resort and Spa was opened recently in 2013 with 40 rooms, villas and deluxe rooms. The villas are two story buildings to provide a scenic view on the beach front and ocean; rooms are spacious furnished in an elegant and modern design; A large swimming pool and A Spa are among the facilities proposed at the Jade Marina as 24 hours Reception and room service.


Newly established as an extension of the famous and exclusive resort, The Sandoway Resort, The Residence by Sandoway is situated directly on the beach at few minutes’ walk-away from The Sandoway Resort.
The Residence consists of 14 rooms, 6 rooms with beach view and direct beach access and 8 rooms with garden view. Breakfast basket is served every morning to the rooms and guests can use other facilities (restaurant, spa, cinema, library, swimming pool) directly at the Sandoway Resort.